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Environmental Law

September 8th, 2015 10:07 pm

Environmental law is a complex and interlocking body of treaties, conventions, statutes, regulations, and common law that operates to regulate the interaction of humanity and the natural environment, toward the purpose of reducing the impacts of human activity. The topic may be divided into two major subjects: (1) pollution control and remediation,(2) resource conservation and management. Laws dealing with pollution are often media-limited – i.e., pertain only to a single environmental medium, such as air, water (whether surface water, groundwater or oceans), soil, etc. – and control both emissions of pollutants into the medium, as well as liability for exceeding permitted emissions and responsibility for cleanup. Laws regarding resource conservation and management generally focus on a single resource – e.g., natural resources such as forests, mineral deposits or animal species, or more intangible resources such as especially scenic areas or sites of high archeological value – and provide guidelines for and limitations on the conservation, disturbance and use of those resources. These areas are not mutually exclusive – for example, laws governing water pollution in lakes and rivers may also conserve the recreational value of such water bodies. Furthermore, many laws that are not exclusively “environmental” nonetheless include significant environmental components and integrate environmental policy decisions. Municipal, state and national laws regarding development, land use and infrastructure are examples.

Environmental law draws from and is influenced by principles of environmentalism, including ecology, conservation, stewardship, responsibility and sustainability. Pollution control laws generally are intended (often with varying degrees of emphasis) to protect and preserve both the natural environment and human health. Resource conservation and management laws generally balance (again, often with varying degrees of emphasis) the benefits of preservation and economic exploitation of resources. From an economic perspective environmental laws may be understood as concerned with the prevention of present and future externalities, and preservation of common resources from individual exhaustion. The limitations and expenses that such laws may impose on commerce, and the often unquantifiable (non-monetized) benefit of environmental protection, have generated and continue to generate significant controversy.

Given the broad scope of environmental law, no fully definitive list of environmental laws is possible. The following discussion and resources give an indication of the breadth of law that falls within the “environmental” metric.

Why it is Okay to Hire an Insurance Lawyer

September 8th, 2015 10:07 pm

For many years, insurance companies have been in the same line of work, the same thing with an insurance lawyer. This is the reason why you are immediately offered a greater settlement if an insurance company spots you with an insurance legal professional.

To them, it is far more difficult to trick into accepting a meager value as compensation those people represented by counsel. While schemes and tricks usually work with an ordinary individual, these tactics will not work on a veteran legal professional.

Insurance companies are also businesses, which are entities created to produce as much profit as possible. Giving what every claimant wants will undoubtedly diminish the resources of an insurance company. If an insurance company settles claims like giving away freebies, then investors will steer away from that company. This is why insurance companies do their best to find ways to minimize your claim. Reason will always be pointed out, raised, and sometimes invented, just to make sure that you get as little as possible from the premiums paid to the insurance companies. It won’t matter if what you have is a personal injury or damage from an auto accident. It doesn’t matter because what matters is you don’t get paid in full.

Surprisingly, it is not that difficult to deal with the person who caused you injury or caused you to be involved in an accident. The insurance company is your real problem. It is often the excuse of the person responsible for your problems that he is uninsured or that his insurance is not enough to cover all your expenses. This is an example where your own insurance company shoulders some of the expenses. Even so, you still need the cooperation of the negligent party.

He can be hiding, or just keeping off the radar. The real deal is with his insurance company, and not him. But direct confrontation is something insurance companies don’t resort to. To make you lose the strength and will to claim your amount, an insurance adjuster will tempt you with a small initial amount. Instead, you will be offered a lesser amount that you can take once you accept. You will not think twice about accepting the initial sum offered you without an insurance lawyer.

The insurance adjuster of the insurance company will try his best to make you lose sight of why you are claiming compensation in the first place. The small value of the offered compensation is ignored when you remember the delay and trouble that you have encountered. Why gamble on something when you can already take home some money? The chance to win is not imaginary if you have an insurance lawyer.

People rarely entrust personal things and matters to strangers, since they think that they could always do a better job. It is not a bad idea to hire a professional of your own since you would be dealing with experts in the field of insurance. It will be your lawyer’s job to tell the person who caused you harm or an accident that you will be filing a claim for damages.

Negotiations with the insurance company would be a lot easier if you had an insurance lawyer. If your lawyer doesn’t begin fierce negotiations immediately with the insurance companies, don’t badger him. The extent of your damages can only be assessed accurately if your injuries and wounds are given time to heal and become stabilized. The best possible amount you can claim can be affected by the tactless rushing of your claim. If emotions were to take over, the best plan of action appears to be not wasting more time and immediately enforcing your claim against the insurance company. This thing is entertaining to watch in a scene, but will not be good for your claim.

When negotiating with an insurance company, things will be really easier if you have an insurance lawyer. Keep in mind that you have an expert in your lawyer. Waiting is one thing that he may ask you to do. Take note, your lawyer can only evaluate your situation accurately if all your wounds and injuries are stabilized. This means that the effect of the injury is not yet over as long as you’re still in recuperation. An injury that takes a longer time to stabilize demands a larger compensation. Only when your wounds are completely healed can an accurate claim be evaluated by your lawyer. The time to approach the insurance company will be recognized by your lawyer. This is something that will take a lot of time.

As soon as the demand letter of your insurance lawyer is sent and received, the adjuster then sends a settlement package. At this point, you and your lawyer already know how much money can cover the expenses you’ve been shouldering because of your injury or accident.

Your professional would try to hit an amount which is at least higher than your actual costs, since he would also be taking his cut from the settlement money. The option of going to trial is chosen if no agreement between the adjuster and your lawyer can be met.

Reality is knowing that insurance companies are in the business of making profits, and their adjusters are employed to always lessen your claims. These people have a deep level of understanding and expertise in their field, while you are a newbie to this kind of thing. Employing the services of an insurance lawyer is the best thing to fight this scenario.

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